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Latin name - Corvus corone

The Carrion Crow gets its name from the fact that it often feeds on dead animals. However it eats a wide range of food, killing and eating other birds and small animals, stealing eggs as well as taking insects, worms, fruit, seeds and practically anything else that is going! Magpies, who get a bad press for preying on other birds eggs and nestlings, are often preyed upon in a similar fashion by Carrion Crows. Both sexes have all black plumage with brown eyes, young birds are browner with blue eyes. They are slightly bigger than a Rook growing to 47cm long but much smaller than a Raven (which reaches 64cm). They can be seen practically anywhere; coasts, country, moors and towns.

Carrion Crow Carrion Crow Carrion Crow Carrion Crow Carrion Crow Carrion Crow