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Latin name - Fringilla coelebs

One of the most colourful of finches, it is also the UK's most common finch and the second commonest breeding bird. Chaffinches have two broad white wing bars and obvious white outer tail feathers. The male has a blue head, a pink breast and a chestnut brown back whilst the female has an olive-brown back, and grey-brown under-parts becoming almost white towards the rump, which is greenish. The young are similar to the female but without the greenish rump. You can see Chaffinches almost anywhere but especially in woodlands or anywhere with trees and bushes including your garden.

Chaffinches Chaffinch Chaffinch Female Chaffinch Female Chaffinch Chaffinches
Female Chaffinch Chaffinches Chaffinches Chaffinches Chaffinches Chaffinch