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Latin Name - Turdus pilaris

Large, colourful thrushes, Fieldfares are winter visitors to Great Britain, arriving from Scandinavia from October onwards and remaining until March or May. A little smaller than a Mistle Thrush; they have a chestnut-brown back, an orange-yellow breast speckled with black, a black tail, dark wings and a blue-grey rump and head. The song of the Fieldfare is a medley of whistles and "chacks", often heard as they fly over during the winter.

They stay in flocks ranging in numbers from a dozen or two to several hundred; often joined by Redwings. These flocks roam the countryside and may come into gardens in severe winters. They feed on worms, snails, insects, berries and are fond of windfall fruit especially apples. Hawthorn hedges with berries are a favourite feeding area.

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