Ring-necked Parakeets
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Latin Name - Psittacula krameri

A medium-sized, green parakeet, the Ring-necked Parakeet is the UK's only naturalised parrot and the most northerly breeding parrot in the world. They were originally from Africa and southern Asia and were kept as pets in the UK. They escaped into the wild and are able to cope with the cold British winters. They started to breed in the wild in 1969 in Kent, south-east of London. Since then the population has steadily increased and even though Greater London and surrounding areas is still its stronghold, the species has been recorded in almost every county in England. They eat fruit, berries, nuts and seeds; often being seen in suburban parks, large gardens and orchards, where such food supply is readily available. They nest in holes in trees in gardens and parkland and sometimes can be found in flocks, numbering hundreds at a roost site. It is green with a very long, narrow tail and a bright red bill. Males have a black throat and a thin black and pink collar. It is also known by the alternative name of rose-ringed parakeet.

Ring-necked Parakeet Ring-necked Parakeet Ring-necked Parakeet Ring-necked Parakeet