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Latin name - Corvus frugilegus

A member of the Crow (Corvid) Family its bare, greyish-white face, thinner beak and peaked head make it distinguishable from the Carrion crow. Rooks are very sociable birds often forming very large flocks. They are also communal breeders, nesting in colonies known as rookeries. Nests are built high in the trees and made of twigs and branches. Rooks form life-long partnerships, called pairbonds. Rook pairs spend a lot of time close together, feeding one another, displaying and vocalising together and preening. Rooks will eat almost anything, including worms, grain, nuts and insects, small mammals, birds (especially eggs and nestlings) and carrion. Rooks, compared to other corvids, are tolerant of other species feeding with them, especially Jackdaws.

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