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Latin name - Columba palumbus

The Wood Pigeon is Europe's largest pigeon and is the most common pigeon found in the United Kingdom. Both sexes are similar with plump bodies and small heads. They are largely grey but have pink breasts and white, purple and green neck patches. There is a dark band on the tail and white wing bars, conspicuous in flight. Once a bird of deciduous woodland, the Wood Pigeon extended its range across open farmland nesting in hedges and small copses and becoming a serious farmland pest, feeding not only on grain but on other crops such as peas and sprouts. It has successfully invaded town parks and city gardens and will happily visit bird tables. Because of their mainly vegetable diet they drink a lot as they do not get sufficient moisture from their food unlike birds who take insects, earthworms etc. They feed their young on what is commonly known as 'pigeon's milk' which is a fluid manufactured in the adult's crop. The young lack the white neck patch and are duller and browner. When disturbed they crash out of cover clapping their wings louder.

Wood Pidgeon Wood Pigeon Wood Pigeon Wood Pigeon Wood Pigeon Wood Pigeon
Wood Pigeon Wood Pigeon Wood Pigeon