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The area around Bellever Tor, Lakehead Hill and Laughter Tor was forested by the Duchy of Cornwall in 1921 and the forest is today owned and managed by the Forestry Commission. The forestation of this area has unfortunately obscured much of the extensive old Bronze Age settlements, tombs (cairns, cists and kistvaens), stone circles and stone rows that inhabit this area. However, with careful searching, much can still be seen. This is helped by the fact that many of the ancient sites have been marked by wooden stakes with various numbers on them. One of the best is the ring cairn and kistvaen on Lakehead Hill marked with the number 14a and its associated stone row. Over 40 sites have been identified which led to Bellever becoming known as the 'Ancient Metropolis of the Moor' by the late 19th century antiquarians who studied the area.
Belliver Forest, Dartmoor Belliver Kistvaen and  Stone row 14a & 14b Bellever Stone Row 11a Bellever Stone Ring Cairn and Kistvaen 13a Bellever Ring Cairn 12a Cairn with Kistvaen 16a
Belliver Kistvaen and  Stone row 14a & 14b Bellever - Lakehead Hill