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Combestone Tor must be the most accessible Tor on Dartmoor having a car park only 75 yards of level walking from its summit. It sits alongside the road from Hexworthy to Venford Reservoir and Holne and offers superb views. To the east is the Dart Gorge and Dart Valley Nature Reserve, to the north, is Dartmeet below Yar Tor, to the north west, beyond Bellever Forest and Bellever Tor, lie the high moors of northern Dartmoor and to the south are the high moors of southern Dartmoor. The valley of the River Dart is some 400 feet below the Tor and you can often hear the 'cry of the dart' as the waters crash through the rocky defile below.
Combeshead Tor Combestone Tor Combestone Tor Combestone Tor Combestone Tor