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River Dart, Dartmoor


The longest of Dartmoor's rivers (46 miles in length) the River Dart rises as two tributaries on the high moors of the northern plateau of Dartmoor. The East Dart source is near Cranmere Pool near Hangingstone Hill, whilst the West Dart rises close to Cut Hill and Fur Tor. The sources are only approximately 2.3 miles apart but the two rivers do not meet until over 11 miles further down their courses at Dartmeet. There the rivers combine into the Double Dart which flows through the Dart Gorge, leaves Dartmoor behind, becomes the River Dart and heads towards Buckfast Abbey. From them it passes through the towns of Buckfastleigh, Dartington and Totnes before finally entering the English Channel between the town of Dartmouth and the village of Kingswear.

West Dart, Two Bridges West Dart East Dart